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“We take great pride in creating a home for you.
A home that exudes beauty, happiness, and function.”

Client Reviews:
AP Resort Concepts - Colleague
My design firm has had the pleasure of working with Martin Manley Architects for many years now on almost a dozen multi-million dollar residential projects. They are one of the most dedicated architecture teams in the Vail Valley that are constantly thinking outside the box and pushing design in a new direction. With a positive, friendly, and adaptive attitude towards their work, both Jeff Manley and John Martin are more than a pleasure to work with. As architects they are extremely reliable to get the project completed on budget and on time, leading to very fulfilled clients! My staff and I love working with Jeff and John as they are consistently available to help and provide drawings or construction information, all while being open to our often challenging designs. Martin Manley Architects stand out within this industry as they endlessly progress their designs to stay relevant and on trend within technology, materials, and overall design elements. And to go one step beyond, they educate the team they are working with on their recent discoveries. We would strongly recommend working with Martin Manley Architects in the future.
Les Boris - Owner
We have used Martin Manley Architects, Jeff Manley in particular, on seven custom home projects within the past 5 years. Jeff has created beautiful and practical home designs for our projects. He is able to effectively work within a budget, and is cost conscious. He is very creative, detail oriented, and strives for perfection. Jeff has been involved in every aspect of our builds, from planning, permit and variance work; home design and floor plans; interior architectural design; and material selection. Jeff is easy to work with and attentive to his customers. We think very highly of Jeff, as evidenced by our history of bringing him on to our various projects.
Les Boris, President, Mountain CI Holdings Ltd
Developer of luxury homes and condominiums
Doug Lockhart - Builder
As a general contractor, with over 40 yrs experience, I have worked with a lot of Architects and found John Martin very creative, extremely capable, talented and a pleasure to communicate with. I highly recommend him as your architect and consultant. His fees were very reasonable.
SRE Building Associates - Builder
We are always striving to make our clients happy with quality projects that come in on budget and time, We accomplish this by first creating a professional team that consists of an architect, designer, and sub contractors. I have had the pleasure of being teammates with Jeff and John on many projects and the outcome is happy clients.
Steve McKeever - Owner
We worked with John Martin who I would use again and highly recommend. His mountain modern architectural design is beautiful, elegant and eye catching. We have been told by many in our neighborhood that our house is the best design built to date. Moreover, John is creative and patient. Any elements that we were not completely excited about went back to his drawing board. He was determined to work through design questions until we were completely satisfied. I love his work and enjoyed working with him as a person and architect.
Sam Ecker - Colleague
Being a Professional Land Surveyor with over 26 years experience in the area I have had the opportunity to be involved with countless residential construction projects. Every project site has its challenges as well as opportunities to create the right harmony between the landscape and the structure built upon it. The residences I’ve seen designed by Martin Manley Architects do just that. Not only are they designed to fit the site as naturally as possible, the floor plan flows well too and takes advantage of the views and surroundings. I would highly recommend this company to someone who is looking for a quality firm that will design to fit their needs.
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